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Han är född! El nació! He was born!

Christian Johan Gustaf

Datum / Fecha / Date            18 SEP 1998  
Tid / Hora / Time                  22.00 
Vikt / Peso / Weight            3 813 gr
Längd / Altura / Height            53 cm

[Christian] We are so happy! Christian is born and here are the pictures from the clinic and onwards. 
We have put some pictures together from what happened at the Suizo Clinic Argentina Friday September 18th from 15.00 and onwards.
Have a look at baby pictures. Please note that the pages are very slow due to many and large photos.

[Dr's note regarding boy or girl] In April 1999, when doing an ultra sound checkup, Cristina's doctor wrote that the baby was a boy and put it in an envelope. We never sent the envelope to our parents... However, after coming back from the clinic with Christian, we finally opened it and found this note. We did not know!!!

Picture pages:

Christian's mainpage

At the hospital before birth

Christian is born!

April - July 1999 pics

The Christian pages: First posted 22 SEP 1998 (4 days after he was born). This section last updated 1 AUG 2000.
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