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Han är född! El nació! He was born!

Alexander Mauricio Eliseo

	Datum / Fecha / Date            12 JUN  
	Tid / Hora / Time                08.32 
	Vikt / Peso / Weight           4 095 g
	Längd / Altura / Height          53 cm
[Alexander Mauricio] Family increasing again! Although it has been a very short time since Alexander was born, we can now show you pictures of the miracle. The clinic is called Hospital Moinhos de Vento (The Windmill)

Telephone to Cristina: +55 51 9128 0302, Johan: +55 51 9128 0360.
We will be leaving the hospital Thursday morning, 15th.

E-mail: Cristina @Stjernberg.com

Please follow the link for pictures from the week. Put the mouse over the picture for explanations.
As you can see from the pictures, we had to do a caesarean section.

Last update June 15th.
Sorry no more pictures yet!

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Alexander is born, June 12th

Second day, June 13th

June 14th (our wedding day)

June 15th, Going home

The Alexander pages: First posted 12 JUN 2000 (Same day he was born). This section last updated 1 AUG 2000.
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