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From Mid-March 1995 I spent a year working for Ericsson in Bogota, Colombia. It is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to work in. Nevertheless, my experience in this beautiful country and interesting culture had a great impact on me. There is a mixture of both wonderful and outgoing people on one side and hatred and violance on the other.
During my stay I made frequent reports to my family and friends. These reports are gathered below. The picture is from San Agustin, a archeologic park and museum of the indians who lived there. It was a wonderful unforgettable four day trip. I am the one arriving late on the right....

The stories are rather long (very few pictures, sorry), but for someone with an interest in South American culture and the way of living in a latin country, it is a gold mine. Enjoy!

When reading the reports, use the flag to get back to this page.

Colombia reports:

March 95
April 95
May 95
June 95
Aug 95
Sep 95
Nov 95
March 96

First posted 24 APR 1996. Last updated: 20 APR 1999 by Johan Stjernberg.
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