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Summer in Sweden 1996

Winter in Sweden 1996

Chico - English Springer Spanial

Christmas 1998 and Iguazo falls

Christmas day 1998 (four animated pics=slow)

Liana's first communion Apr 1999

Grillparty in Torres, Brazil. Guests at Fabio Ballens summer house.

Reports from our adventures!
Here you can find some of our adventures that we have experienced in different countries. [Alexander, Christian, Liana, Cristina and Johan 
	Stjernberg, July 2000]

These pages are maybe more fun for family and friends...

They consist of a mixture of reports and pictures. Since all of the pages are picture-oriented, most of them take some time to download. If you are using a modem, please be patient. I have tried to optimize the HTML coding for speed, but pictures are pictures....

On the menu to the left you can see where the pictures were taken, depending on the flag indicator. At the moment it has been mainly Argentina and Brazil, where we currently live. To come back to this page, click the first link to the left.

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