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I came back from Colombia last Saturday 16th of march. My parents were waiting and I was of course happy to see them again. We went to the house and started looking at the computer they have for receiving mail and things....... My grandmother, sister and her boyfriend all came over for the lunch.

Unfortunately I have not been sending any reports regarding Christmas and new year, although I know everybody is dying to know about these holidays and how they are done in Colombia. My parents were there and it was great! May I refer to the video they shot!

The shock of coming to Sweden however was something else. On Saturday evening I borrowed my parents car to check into the hotel, because I did not have any bed or anything and my smallish apartment is all empty.
I arrived outside the hotel. After waiting a while I had to leave the the car outside to go in, because there was nobody receiving my luggage. At the reception desk I was informed were the trolley (vagnen) could be found and that I could get it myself. I took the wagon and went out again. So I arrived through the doors of the hotel driving my own luggage on a trolley. Where else does that happen? At the desk I left the car keys for them to park the car. I was informed of the huge cost of that also. Then again she asked me if I could get the luggage to the room also. I said no and left. A little surprised I received the luggage within ten minutes.

The very next morning I was prepared to have a nice and quit Sunday breakfast before rushing off to my parents again. I came down and could not believe my eyes! At 8.30 Sunday morning the breakfast table/restaurant was like the worst Christmas table (julbord) in some popular place, were everybody goes. The people were swarming like fly's everywhere, no place to sit and the noise equal to a the crowd of a game of hockey. The tables were occupied with either somebody eating occupying at least two seats, or a huge pile of used plates and glasses, from somebody who left an hour ago.
I finally found a place to sit, a table I had to share with to silly old cows talking about each others health while eating. I had my cereals and some orange juice, which was what I really needed. I got up to get the tea, sandwiches and eggs and things. When I came back, not only where my things gone, but another couple was occupying my seat. Incredible!!!!

Much to my surprise, Monday morning the restaurant was as occupied as an outdoor swimming pool on a freezing winter day in Sweden. Another thing. The weather. I sent a memo to my parents and a few people telling them to fix the spring before I come. I did not work. Since I am so smart, I remembered to bring a thick jacket and my gloves. Since I came the temperatures have been 1, 1, 2 and plus 2 degrees above zero. I have access to my mum's car. Without it I would be lost.

I went to work in Sweden for the first time in a year. I discovered that I had been transferred to another department, projects for Latin America and Africa and Asia. I got an office to start with, and a PC. Thereby I had access to memo, but no more. I cannot access the network and print things, because I have not yet filled out the paper to apply for those things. The worst thing is that there is no phone in my room. I have a room with a PC, and another room with a phone. I wonder what the solution will be. We will see!

This is more or less the last report during this Colombian time. I hope that you have enjoyed yourselves as much as I have.

I wish everybody all the best!!
Que tengan un buen dia!! Have a nice day !!!


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